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Chicken Hotpot is a franchise concept originating from Shanghai, China. There are three flavours of hot pot – Chicken, Beef and Prawn – which are savoured first as a claypot style dish, followed by adding broth to turn it into a mini steamboat. Its unmistakable and irreplaceable taste has received many accolades and rave reviews from the media since inception in 2002.


Originating From Shanghai, China

Chicken Hotpot Restaurant serves four main types of seafood & meat (Chicken, Prawn, Beef & Fish) in different sauces with varying degree of spiciness ( non-spicy, Mild Spicy, Spicy).

Chicken Hotpot serves meats and seafood served in enveloping broths in a claypot – making for a spicy treat as the heated pot brings meals to a simmer amid prodding forks and pangs. Prepared with a hearty portion of ingredients, the eatery’s hotpot dishes take on different forms as the addition of customisable fillings and free-flowing stock gradually meld with spicy Shanghainese stews to make fragrant soups. The eatery provides flaming fills with a range of four branches located island wide for added convenience and easier access for heated appetites.

Only The Freshest Ingredients

Chicken Hotpot offers diners a unique dining experience where food is served in hot pot.

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