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Experience Authentic Hotpot, Originating from Shanghai,China


Hotpot originated from Mongolia more than 1,000 years ago, where Mongol warriors cook in the fields using their helmets over the fire. This culinary practice gradually spread to Southern China during the Tang dynasty (A.D 618 -906). Since then, different versions of the hotpot has evolved regionally, each using unique ingredients and spices to create the perfect taste and dining experience.

Chicken Hotpot is a franchise concept originating from Shanghai, China. There are five flavours of hot pot – Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Fish & Chicken Pork Tripe – which are savoured first as a claypot style dish, followed by adding broth to turn it into a mini steamboat. Its unmistakable and irreplaceable taste has received many accolades and rave reviews from the media since inception in 2002.

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Make it your own: An open concept restaurant with self-service fridge where you can pick and choose your own ingredients!